Sports Injuries Prevention

There are some basic things to remember in order to prevent pain, frustration and injury’s

Tip One: Warm up

Start off with a slow jog and gradually increase the pace. If you are playing a sport like tennis, do some warm up hits slowly before launching into a competitive game. And backyard cricket, believe it or not, can cause a whole range of muscle strains from short bursts of sprinting, so please remember that anything to lightly get your muscles ready will be of benefit to you.

Tip Two: Stretch

If you have sustained a previous injury, remember to stretch this area during your warm up. A shortened muscle is more likely to be weak, and will not support your joints properly.

Tip Three: Avoid sprinting activities that involve a rapid change of direction

Changing direction suddenly at high speed, when your body may still be unaccustomed to exercise, is one of quickest ways to twist a knee, sprain an ankle, or strain a muscle. Warming up first will help.

Tip Four: Warm down

This is most often neglected, but the most important part to preventing future injury in any sport or activity. After any exercise, another lighter burst of activity should follow, with an extended period of stretching (this may only be 5 minutes, but should be longer than in the warm up). The stretching acts to reset the muscle receptors, so they do not tighten up and therefore shorten between bouts of activity. Remember: if any injury occurs, the basic principles of R.I.C.E. R

Rest – try not to use the joint/muscle/area heavily for 24-48 hours

Ice – put ice on any swelling in the first 24-48 hours 20min on 20 min off

Compression – easy to use a compression bandage with any knee or ankle injury, they are available at pharmacies

Elevation – put up your affected limb if possible, it drains the swelling away.

Refer – if in doubt, go to your GP (or local osteopath!) for an opinion or x-ray

If you need any help on stretches, warm up exercises or other injury prevention, feel free to contact the team at Body@Boronia for help.