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New Practitioners and an Article on Scoliosis

Our New Practitioners and an article on Scoliosis


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Pilates Classes 2019

Pilates  Classes
Day Practitioner Classes Time
Monday Jaimie Cornwell Stretch 30 min 4 pm
  Jaimie Cornwell Pilates 45 min 4.30 pm
  Jaimie Cornwell Strength 30 min 5.15 pm
  Jaimie Cornwell Pilates 45 min 5.45 pm
  Jaimie Cornwell Strength 30 min 6.30 pm
Tuesday Kathy Burke Pilates Scoliosis Patients

 Class  1 hr

10.00 am
Wednesday Jaimie Cornwell Pilates 45 min 11.30 am
  Cathy Hare Pilates 1hr 5.30 pm
  Cathy Hare 6.30 pm
  Cathy Hare 7.30 pm
Thursday Jaimie Cornwell Pilates 45 min 8.30 am
Saturday Cathy Hare Pilates 1hr 7.00am
  Cathy Hare 8.00am
  Cathy Hare 9.00am
Cathy Hare One-on-One New Patients 10.00am

Body@Boronia Christmas Hours 2018

The Team at Body @ Boronia would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a safe and Happy New Year.

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Children are not just simply smaller versions of adults. They have their own complications and issues that require proper and thorough assessment and management.

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Newsletter 2018 Welcome to our new podiatrists

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Xmas Newsletter

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Book Online Now Available

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We have ONE-ON-ONE Sessions and Classes of 3 available now.

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