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Yvette Copling is the founder of Body@Boronia.  She completed her Advanced Diploma of Applied Science- Myotherapy at RMIT in 1997.  Since then, her humble beginings started with a wonderful GP team at Boronia Medical Centre.  There, she worked along side the GP’s and nurses for 9 years.  With this team, she was able to gain extensive knowledge and insight into the Medical world and constantly learning everyday.  The GP’s then offered Yvette of an expansive roll within the Clinic, hence Body@Boronia was born.

Yvette’s interest in Myotherapy extended from her love of the intricacies and workings of the human body.  Yvette treats a multitude of injuries and problems, and continually is researching and undating her knowledge of the body.

She played Netball for 18 years reaching State League Level.  She also has a love of Horses and music.  Currently she is a Martial Arts Instructor and has been training for almost 20 years.

Yvette and Dave (Remedial Massage Therapist) have been married since 2003 and have two wonderful children together.  Now they spend alot of their spare time with the family and doing sports such as swimming, netball, karate, and bike riding.



Susanne Quilliam joined the team at Body@Boronia in 2016.

Susanne has a Bachelor of Health Science in Musculoskeletal Therapy and has previously worked in sports and multi-disciplinary clinics in the south-eastern suburbs of Melbourne.

Using a combination of soft tissue, neurological and mobilization techniques that help realign the skeleton and improve bio-mechanics, Susanne assists clients in their rehabilitation from pain and injury, towards their goal of an improved physical health.

Susanne is also trained in fascial release and Manual Lymphatic Drainage, which she combines to help treat conditions such as chronic fatigue, post-surgery swelling, sinusitis, anxiety, acne and to improve immune function.

Susanne is also trained in Oncology Massage.


JordanJordan Lee has completed the Advanced Diploma of Myotherapy at RMIT and is a member of Myotherapy Association Australia.

Jordan has gained experience working with a variety of athletes through the National Institute of Circus Arts, Australian College of Basketball and triathletes competing in the Melbourne Ironman tournament.
Along with his involvement with high level athletes Jordan is passionate about helping people overcome chronic pain.  Having overcome years of chronic low back pain himself Jordan understands just how debilitating pain can be and just how important it is for us to get back to doing the things we love.

Outside of work and study Jordan loves to play various musical instruments including guitar, piano, cello and singing.  This has spurred a strong interest in treating musicians injuries and helping to correct posture at the instrument.


ElissaElissa Robbins completed her Advanced Diploma of Myotherapy at RMIT University and is a member of Myotherapy Association Australia.

Due to a whiplash injury at a young age, Elissa developed a passion to help others and learn more about the body.

Since graduating she has been working at a myotherapy clinic and alongside the Knox football club. She has also gained more experience through the Australian ballet, National institute of circus arts and Australian Basketball College.




Dr Sarah Davies has a Bachelor of Applied Science (complementary medicine – osteopathy stream) and a Masters of Osteopathy from RMIT in 2007.

Sarah had a neck injury as a six year old, and was taken to an osteopath for treatment. Even at this young age it inspired Sarah into the effects of manual therapy as a source of pain relief for people. Her choice was further confirmed when she heard the passion with which students spoke about osteopathy at the university open day.

Sarah was a keen sportswoman in her teenage years, even being apart of the Victorian Institute of Sport. This has naturally progressed to an interest in treating sports injuries and the complexities that involves.

During her years of study Sarah has developed a natural interest in treating geriatric cliental and as well as providing general care to people of all ages, especially those with head, neck and shoulder injuries. To help improve her treatments and gain better outcomes, Sarah went on to study Myofascial Dry Needling. She has found this extremely helpful when combined with direct techniques of soft tissue and joint mobilisation, muscle energy techniques and stretching.

Through a multitude of friends and family members having babies, Sarah has developed a strong interest in treating pre and post partum women and their children. She enhanced this interest by doing a short course on treating children.

Sarah also has an outside interest in animals and most recently completed a Post Graduate in Canine Osteopathy.

She continues to improve her knowledge and skill set, by keeping up with many seminars offered by the Australian Osteopath Association.

Sarah has strong ties to the community, having grown up in Boronia, and is on good terms with many local GPs in the area, helping to provide a better holistic approach to your individualised care.



EleanorDr Eleanor Andreatta completed her Bachelor of applied science/bachelor of health science (osteopathy) at RMIT University.

Eleanor first became interested in osteopathy through numerous sporting injuries she received playing netball. She had received treatment through other disciplines but found osteopathy and the holistic way they centered their treatment was the best result she ever had. Through sport and injuries she have had, she have developed a passion for rehab so she incorporate this into my treatment with my patients, so they can be in charge of their treatment as well.

She likes treating people from all ages and with various ailments, discovering the root cause of their pain and helping to eliminate it is one of my passions about this job.

Outside of work she loves netball, reading, staying fit, and binge watching TV shows.



julia squareGiulia (Julia) Oppedisano

Julia graduated from La Trobe University with a Bachelor of Health Science and a Masters in Podiatric Practice.

Prior to completing her Podiatry degree, Julia completed a general Science degree, where she developed a keen interest in diabetes and human movement. This  degree, ultimately, inspired Julia to pursue a career that involved these interests while helping people at the same time, which lead to Podiatry.

Having worked throughout her degree at a podiatry based footwear store, Active Feet, Julia has extensive knowledge in athletic footwear and the implications footwear may have on injury prevention and rehabilitation. Julia also volunteers annually at the Melbourne Oxfam trail walker event, where she assists walkers with strapping, padding and blister care.

Julia enjoys all aspects of podiatry but has a keen interest in footwear selection and the management of lower limb injuries amongst the adult population.

Outside of work, Julia enjoys keeping active, cooking, spending time with her family and 2-year-old Staffy named Ben!’


IMG_20180903_092847~3 (002)

Trang graduated from La Trobe University with a Bachelor of Health Science and a Masters in Podiatric Practice.

She was a keen sportswoman in her teenage years, includes playing volleyball at state level. This has naturally progressed to an interest in treating sports injuries and the complexities that involves in the foot and ankle.

She has further completed study in Dry Needling and Shockwave therapy to assist in the management of lower limb injuries for her patients.

Also having worked in Early Childhood while undertaking Podiatry, Trang has also developed an interest in children’s feet and was lucky enough to receive further mentoring from her supervisor during her placements.

She is passionate about evidence–based practice and providing patients with the most up to date knowledge and treatments possible. She has developed a keen interest in the assessment of children’s feet, management of the diabetic foot and sporting injuries of the foot and ankle.

Outside of work, Trang enjoys travelling and keeping active.


Remedial Massage Therapist

Elissa Robbins

Jordan Lee



Exercise Physiologist

15_Square 2

Jaimie Cornwell is registered with the ESSA

Jaimie Cornwell graduated from Victoria University in 2013 after completing a Bachelors Degree in Sport and Exercise Science followed by a Masters of Applied Science (Exercise Rehabilitation).

Jaimie actually started a university degree in sports science, but at a placement in the rehabilitation department of a football club, her interest was sparked and a new passion surfaced.  Since graduating she has worked in a number of Private Practices alongside other Allied Health professionals, so she feels confident she will be able to fit in and become a valuable team member here at Body@Boronia.

She has a wide variety of areas she specialises in, which include, injury rehabilitation, pre and post surgical management and chronic disease management where exercises are tailored specifically to each person’s needs in both an individual and group setting. She also has an interest in Clinical Pilates and has been teaching for the past 2 years.

Jaimie has strong ties to the local community having grown up in Boronia and now working here. She is an avid sportswoman and still plays netball and helps out as a coach with her ‘old’ swimming club, who she used to swim competitively for.


Pilates Instructors

Kathryn Burke is a Level 4  A.P.M.A registered pilates practitioner

Kathy has been teaching exercise fitness, dance and movement for 30 years. Injuries sustained as a professional dancer led to her focus on a career as a clinical Pilates practitioner to help others with chronic hip and back injuries.

Extra studies in menopause, scoliosis, pregnancy, hip and back injuries pre and post surgery are just a few of her areas of interest.


Kathy Hare is a Level 4 Pilates Instructor with the A.P.M.A .

Her interest in Pilates began after many years of working with plants, in the wholesale horticulture industry. Although quite young and active, her body felt ‘old and stiff’ often suffering back pain.  Starting a weekly mat class, she soon became hooked and stayed with her instructor for the next four years.  As a result, she found a fantastic balance between physical labour and tension release.  Learning to stabilize and move from her core has now become an everyday part of life, keeping her free from aches and pains no matter what level of activity.  Really believing that Pilates could be good for ‘every-body’ helped her make the decision to learn more.   Studying The Pilates Method extensively in a city based studio confirmed this.  As an instructor, passing on this knowledge she has found very rewarding.